BMW M Laptimer Records Telemetry Everywhere You Go And It’s Amazing

Did you ever wonder what percentage of the throttle you are using on the way to get a sandwich? Were you ever curious how many Gs you pulled on the way home from clarinet lessons? Do you have a BMW? You might just be in luck.

BMW says these fancy new apps will work on any of their vehicles 2012 or newer with navigation, but if you have iDrive and ConnectedDrive on a slightly older model, I can confirm they will still work. In terms of free apps, there is nothing that offers the same amount of data. I’ve used Harry’s Laptimer in the past for track days and karting, but you’ve gotta pay for it. BMW is really doing a smashing job with their third party apps, now we just need Waze integration.

I tested this out on a rainy day in my mom’s 2011 328i xDrive, but I seriously can’t wait to try this tech out on a track with some proper M power under foot.

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