How Much Peugeot Can You Get For $600? Just Enough

I met up with fellow opponaut 505turbeaux last night after he collected this surprisingly well kept 505 from New Jersey. The car didn’t shake. It didn’t rattle. The lights worked. I was impressed.

We went down to one of my favorite photos spots to capture the glory of this quirky French machine which, in the words of my girlfriend, “looks kind of like a Toyota Corolla, but an old one.” Quite so, m’lady.

Just the thought of paying $600 for this puts ideas in my head. I have $600, barely…HM505 (the guy) has had numerous 505s in the past, so he’s got a decent stockpile of strange French car parts to keep this peach running. When asked what he’ll do with it once home, he told me he’s going to take it all apart and give it a good once over. Makes sense.

It was cold and we were thirsty. A few snaps later my fingers were frozen and 505 was doing the peepee dance so we headed for shelter. Luckily, shelter also had alcohol. Something tells me 505 will be enjoying this 505 for years to come.

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