Meet The Man Who Daily Drives A Porsche Reimagined By Singer

Sitting in Los Angeles traffic affords plenty of car-spotting opportunities to break up the monotony. It’s usually a nicely patina’d Datsun or an E30 with fender flares catching my eye, but on this day I saw something of a wholly different breed. Four cars back I had my first glimpse, just the side of the fender sticking out. I could tell it was a Porsche but there was something just a bit different about it. Something I thought I might recognize.

As the light turned and traffic began to move again, I hung back in my lane and grappled for my camera. One lucky shot has the car roared past, which I posted to Instagram. A keen eyed commenter tagged the owner within hours, score one for the internet. Once you’ve seen a Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer there’s no mistaking it. I jumped at the opportunity to find out more about what owning one of the most exclusive and expensive custom Porsche 911s in the world is like, so I messaged the owner on Instagram. A few weeks later I met Edward Lovett and his Porsche in a quiet section of Los Angeles.

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