Nissan’s First GT-R Wasn’t The Beloved Coupe, And It Wasn’t Entirely A Nissan Either

Sitting parked, this boxy four-door could easily be overlooked. But retrain your eye and go in for a closer look, as this 1969 Nissan Skyline has much more to share than your average Japanese sedan. 

Take a stroll around and soak up the furrowed brow and the sharp lines that shape this sharp body. A lower body flare runs into the rear wheel only to be picked up above and carried into the rear fender, like the slash from a katana. Slowly but surely, if you know what to look for, you’ll realize that this is one very special import. The fender-mounted side mirrors or the stainless-steel exhaust tip poking out from the rear fender hint at its subtle but very present aggression.

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