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  1. Nothing Screams Like A 552 Horsepower British V12

    When one finds his (or her) self deep in the desert with a twelve cylinder British sedan of the utmost sleekness, there’s really only one option. Hold the go-pedal until you either run out of road or start to pee your pants We did both. Big thanks to Andrew of…

  2. Driving & Talking: SilverCar Wrap-Up

    I spent a little over one week with an Audi A4 2.0T from SilverCar. I’m usually wary of companies that employ flippant mottos like ”Rentals that don’t suck,” but in this case, it quite perfectly captures the ethos.

  3. Palm Springs Air Museum: Where Old Planes Go To Be Restored

    I never pass up an opportunity to check out things that fly, er, used to fly. I nearly crashed the car when we drove past on the way to Joshua Tree a few days ago, almost certain I’d seen an amphibious prop plane. I was not disappointed At the back…

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