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  1. 70+ Exotic Cars Invaded A Small Airstrip And It Was Awesome

    Some people might sip artisanal coffee and read the paper on a Sunday morning. Others gas up and head North to wreak havoc on a small-town airstrip in cars with many hundreds of horsepower. I was invited along to Kobelt Airport in Wallkill, NY with the latter group a few…

  2. A 30 Year Old Mercedes Wagon With Snow Tires Is Better Than Other Stuff

    Let’s not kid ourselves. Wagons are the tits. Especially when they go sideways. When I was presented with the opportunity to shoot some photos of afellow Jalop’s beauty of a Benz wagon last night, I did an excited jig while grabbing my camera. This morning, it snowed. This afternoon, we…

  3. Recreational Drone Flying At Its Best

    Just flying around, minding my business, and this dude comes out of no where and starts sliding all over the place. #notbad Keep up with JBH on instagram / twitter www.youtube.com/jbh1126

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