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  1. When The Question Is German V8 Sports Cars - Torque Is The Answer

    The formula is correct with this bawdy German duo. A well balanced chassis, drive to the rear wheels, and most importantly a potent V8 motor up front. Only thing missing was a sinuous stretch of tarmac, which we just so happened to find. When these cars were new I ate…

  2. PTG E36 - In Depth With A PTG Technician

    I posted this video a few months ago, and for the first time in the history of the internet, I received a truly productive YouTube comment: Steve did email me, and ended up answering a whole bunch of questions which I have posted below with some images I took shortly…

  3. How To Fit In A Back Seat With A Half Cage (Why It’s A Bad Idea)

    Now, let me preface this by emphasizing how bad of an idea it is to ride in a car with an unpadded cage without the proper safety equipment; you could be seriously injured.   That said, intrepid CCC mechanic Ethan demonstrates the most gracefulest of ways (not graceful at all) to…

  4. M3 Duality: Which Would You Choose?

    One of our members picked up the Gallardo Spyder yesterday and left his very clean, mostly stock, 80k mile E30 M3 in the garage for the weekend. I couldn’t help but line our E30 up next to it and make some comparisons.

  5. Driving & Talking: 1989 BMW M3

    I’ve been driving this M3 as much as possible for roughly the last year (er as much as my bosses will let me) and I’ve finally collected my thoughts enough to talk some sense (and a lot of nonsense) about one of the greatest cars ever built.

  6. Go Ahead, Wax Poetic About the E30 M3

    But it doesn’t mean shit until you’ve chased down a current generation M3 on track.  Okay to be fair, I may not be the most impartial voice on this topic (I love E30 M3s), BUT, having driven both first and current generation M3s on track I will invoke a small…

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