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  1. When The Question Is German V8 Sports Cars - Torque Is The Answer

    The formula is correct with this bawdy German duo. A well balanced chassis, drive to the rear wheels, and most importantly a potent V8 motor up front. Only thing missing was a sinuous stretch of tarmac, which we just so happened to find. When these cars were new I ate…

  2. A 30 Year Old Mercedes Wagon With Snow Tires Is Better Than Other Stuff

    Let’s not kid ourselves. Wagons are the tits. Especially when they go sideways. When I was presented with the opportunity to shoot some photos of afellow Jalop’s beauty of a Benz wagon last night, I did an excited jig while grabbing my camera. This morning, it snowed. This afternoon, we…

  3. The Sorriest Mercedes S-Class You’ll Ever See

    Let me set the scene; it’s 11pm and the Triple-C Racing boys had just arrived in Amsterdam, NY. After checking into a dumpy motel, we set off in search of a hoon-able empty lot. We were drawn, almost magnetically, towards a large multilevel parking garage It was totally empty, save…

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