Three Years Worth Of 1WTC Pictures, And Some Cars Too

I’ve been taking pictures of 1WTC since I started working at the Classic Car Club Manhattan about three years ago, and now I’ve got 266 photos. People accuse me of being obsessed with 1WTC, and to be fair, I kind of am. 

September 11th left a mark on me, it was close to home in the most literal sense. From my hometown in North Jersey we could see smoke rising from lower Manhattan that day, parents of kids I knew perished, and the skyline was never the same. 

 To see this shiny new skyscraper rise to completion has been particularly fulfilling for me, not just as a memorial to those we lost, but also as a big New York style middle finger to all those heinous characters who’s goal is terror and chaos. We made it; and we’re better than ever. So take a moment and enjoy a wide variety of angles from a wide variety of cars, you won’t be disappointed: 1WTC Album

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