To The Pilot Doing Aerobatics Over My House: Bring Me With You

On weekends when I’m not racing karts or flying drones or generally messing about with cars, I like to sit next to a lake and read a book. It’s one of the few things I like to do that doesn’t involve some sort of motor vehicle, until now. A few weekends ago my ears perked up and my eyes lifted from the book spurred by the increasing and decreasing drone of a small plane loop-d-looping, and barrel rolling RIGHT OVER THE LAKE!

I watched with wonder as the pilot cut the motor and dove, climbing again using only momentum, and then stalling off to the left before re-starting the motor and looping around again. Immediately the gears are turning;where did he take off from? I wonder if he gives rides…

I grabbed my camera and long lens and did my best to capture a sequence of tricks, it kept doing the same sequence every few minutes so I can only imagine the pilot is practicing for some sort of competition. Eventually I dozed off to the rhythmic buzz of the plane; when I woke up it was gone,not at all an unwelcome intrusion into my sacred book reading time.

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