Volvo P1800 Cyan Review: $700,000 Buys You the Wildest Volvo on Earth

Strapped in securely with a five-point harness, I barreled up Angeles Crest Highway in the world’s most unlikely Volvo. Traffic cleared ahead and my right foot dropped to the floor. The revs climbed along with a cacophony of whooshes and whines as we surged ahead, right until I grabbed fourth and looked over at my passenger, Mathias Evensson from Cyan Racing, to let out a few four-letter words.

Evensson just laughed and asked why I shifted early. I was trying to be nice to the car, I told him. “Don’t be nice,” he responded. Yes sir. Foot to the floor again and off we went, on what I can safely say was the wildest restomod driving experiences money can buy. 

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