What The Heck Is This Awesome Abandoned Truck?

My mom likes to poke fun at me when I agree to do something non-car-related with her, “Oh, you sure you want to go for a hike? There aren’t any vehicles to drive or shoot…you suuure?” Little did she know, there would be a truck to shoot.

New York’s lower Hudson valley is peppered with relics of times past. Just drive up the Taconic Parkway and you’ll see networks of old stone walls and decrepit foundations scattered in what is now parkland or people’s backyards. It’s fascinating. I’ve even gone so far as to dig up old maps to try to identify old roads through the woods, pre-highways, these could have been main thoroughfares now used for hiking and nature walking.

About an hour into the hike we lose the sound of the highway and the path is lined with stone walls. Over a small crest we find this rusting pile of metal and even some bits of wood still screwed into the frame. Did it break down? Was it stolen? We’ll probably never know, but I think an ID should be possible. Help? 

And some stamped numbers, which I used my mom’s phone to snap since of course all I had with me was a massive 300mm prime lens.


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