Nothing Beats A Classic Like A Classic: 1969 Porsche 911T

Driving old cars can be a mixed bag. On one hand, they tend to be nice to look at and fun to see how “things used to be.” On the other hand, they tend to be mechanically temperamental and lacking relative to what we may be accustomed to in terms of performance and handling.

But for a few minutes, leave all that behind. You’ve just been handed the keys to a mechanically sound ‘69 911T. Take it for a spin.

Once you’ve gotten used to manipulating the 5-speed dog-leg transmission it’s a joy to use. Mechanical whine from the drivetrain will fill your ears as you row through the gears tugging from side to side on the truck-sized steering wheel through the twists.

Hearing the flat six warp from metallic rasp to that signature hollow Porsche howl is especially beautiful when your mind immediately connects the dots all the way to the 991 GT3. They’ve changed shapes (albeit slightly) and engines (albeit slightly) and chassis (albeit slightly) but the DNA is still there, and that’s the part you can’t beat.

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