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  1. Flat Plane V8 Is Best V8 - Driving The Mustang GT350

    It just sounds so good. Nothing else really matters about this car. It handles marvelously, yes, but the sound, holy hell the sound. And it’s not just the sound at wide-open-throttle, it’s the sound at any RPM from gug-gug toBWAAAAA. It’s beautiful. www.jbhphoto.nyc @jbh1126

  2. Nothing Beats A Classic Like A Classic: 1969 Porsche 911T

    Driving old cars can be a mixed bag. On one hand, they tend to be nice to look at and fun to see how “things used to be.” On the other hand, they tend to be mechanically temperamental and lacking relative to what we may be accustomed to in terms…

  3. How To Make A McLaren 12C Sound Better Than A Ferrari 458

    The McLaren 12C is a fantastic car, there’s no disputing this fact. It was born from years of street and race proven technology and received by the automotive community with open arms. But there was something missing. The performance within was heralded as a real milestone for the “super sports…

  4. What It’s Like To Drive A Porsche Boxster

    This is not a car that people usually aspire to, or that is pined after. Stereotypes abound; this car is known best as either the Porsche you buy when you can’t afford a 911 or a hairdresser’s car. But that’s all nonsense and here’s why. Porsche is primarily known for…

  5. 2014 JBH Year In Combustion

    Instead of writing about my year, I figured I’d just put together a bunch of loud revving clips. Enjoy! And be sure to check out my youtube channel HERE. Follow @JBH1126 on tweetoir/instagrampch

  6. Mulholland Night Drive

    Here is a quick spin down/up/around a portion of Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles, the car is a 2013 Audi 2.0T rented from Silver Car. 

  7. ‘74 Porsche 911 Ride Along

    The sounds this car emits are simply other-worldly. The metallic rasp folds over itself with mechanical determination, popping and crackling off throttle like an explosively flatulent school kid.

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