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  1. Ferrari F40: Gearhead Posterchild

    Sat down at my desk this morning and saw a Facebook post indicating that there was a Ferrari F40 parked a little over a block away at Classic Car Club Manhattan. I put my scarf back on so quick I almost got scarf burn. As far as dream cars go,…

  2. Cavallino Classic Concorso d’Eleganza 2014

    When someone invites you to join them at one of the biggest and best attended Ferrari gatherings in the country, you don’t say no. So I packed a bag and headed to Palm Beach for the weekend Or maybe I was just looking for an excuse to get the hell…

  3. Make Your GoPro Audio Suck Less

    I’ve been messing around with GoPros for a while now, and there’s one glaring issue with these rugged little pieces of technology; the audio sucks. Finally after about a year and countless wind washed-out unusable shots, I bit the bullet and got a microphone. By no means professional equipment, the…

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