Make Your GoPro Audio Suck Less

I’ve been messing around with GoPros for a while now, and there’s one glaring issue with these rugged little pieces of technology; the audio sucks. Finally after about a year and countless wind washed-out unusable shots, I bit the bullet and got a microphone.

By no means professional equipment, the Polar Pro GoPro mic only cost about $30. I didn’t want a mic so expensive that I’d not want to fasten on the outside of a car, for fear it would get blown away or something, but I definitely did want something with exactly the type of furry/fuzzy wind dispersing stuff that Polar Pro has coated this microphone with.

Next order of business was figuring out how to get a clean cut through the case to allow the Hero3 mini USB adapter to be plugged in, which goes to an RCA jack on the other side. Knowing full well I do not possess the skills to fucks around with plastic and get a clean cut, I got our “Mr.-Fix-It” mechanic Mike G to help out, and all I had to give him in return was a few beers.

Then I secured the RCA jack on the back of the GoPro, with the assumption that most of the filming I do will keep the camera pointed into the wind, thus protecting the mic at least a little more than if it were sticking completely off the side.

And shaboom, the GoPro has been upgraded. Now to get this bitch in the air with my new drone!

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