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  1. Flat Plane V8 Is Best V8 - Driving The Mustang GT350

    It just sounds so good. Nothing else really matters about this car. It handles marvelously, yes, but the sound, holy hell the sound. And it’s not just the sound at wide-open-throttle, it’s the sound at any RPM from gug-gug toBWAAAAA. It’s beautiful. www.jbhphoto.nyc @jbh1126

  2. The Sleeper Audi S4 I’ve Known All Along

    The other night I did something I do a lot. I met up with a guy I’ve only met briefly in the past to go out in his car and…wait that could be misleading. Let me start over. The other night I shot some photos of a bonkers ‘01 S4,…

  3. How To Make A McLaren 12C Sound Better Than A Ferrari 458

    The McLaren 12C is a fantastic car, there’s no disputing this fact. It was born from years of street and race proven technology and received by the automotive community with open arms. But there was something missing. The performance within was heralded as a real milestone for the “super sports…

  4. When The Question Is German V8 Sports Cars - Torque Is The Answer

    The formula is correct with this bawdy German duo. A well balanced chassis, drive to the rear wheels, and most importantly a potent V8 motor up front. Only thing missing was a sinuous stretch of tarmac, which we just so happened to find. When these cars were new I ate…

  5. The Range Rover SVR Sounds Beastly

    I’m not going to describe the exhaust note of this exuberant machine, apart from saying that I have a feeling the same guys who engineered the sounds of the Jaguar F-Type had a hand in it. Keep up with JBH on Instagram and YouTube

  6. Is The E39 M5 Too Quiet?

    Usually I’m all for making cars louder; half the fun of driving is hearing the sound of the engine. But in the case of the E39 M5, I kind of like the fact that it’s not really loud.  It definitely has that V8 bass when you rev it, but it’s…

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