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  1. 70+ Exotic Cars Invaded A Small Airstrip And It Was Awesome

    Some people might sip artisanal coffee and read the paper on a Sunday morning. Others gas up and head North to wreak havoc on a small-town airstrip in cars with many hundreds of horsepower. I was invited along to Kobelt Airport in Wallkill, NY with the latter group a few…

  2. Flat Plane V8 Is Best V8 - Driving The Mustang GT350

    It just sounds so good. Nothing else really matters about this car. It handles marvelously, yes, but the sound, holy hell the sound. And it’s not just the sound at wide-open-throttle, it’s the sound at any RPM from gug-gug toBWAAAAA. It’s beautiful. www.jbhphoto.nyc @jbh1126

  3. What It’s Like To Drive A Porsche Boxster

    This is not a car that people usually aspire to, or that is pined after. Stereotypes abound; this car is known best as either the Porsche you buy when you can’t afford a 911 or a hairdresser’s car. But that’s all nonsense and here’s why. Porsche is primarily known for…

  4. What It’s Like To Drive A 700+HP Audi R8

    Spring has arrived! What better way to celebrate than with a blown 6-speed drop-top V10 on an empty twisty country road. This car is properly insane with a twin turbo setup from AMS making what I’ve been told is north of 700-hp at the wheels. It’s kind of deceptive since…

  5. Recreational Drone Flying At Its Best

    Just flying around, minding my business, and this dude comes out of no where and starts sliding all over the place. #notbad Keep up with JBH on instagram / twitter www.youtube.com/jbh1126

  6. How To Turn Your Mom’s BMW Into The Most Expensive GoPro Remote Ever

    I use my GoPro a lot, most of the time suction cup’d on the outside of a car at some precarious angle. Before the GoPro app and remote, we had a lot of GoPro face, but now there is GoPro BMW as well I’m hoping a future firmware upgrade will…

  7. Drive Through Joshua Tree National Park In 7 Minutes

    Yesterday I visited Joshua Tree National Park with my family. The scenery is incredible, and the rock formations towering. We stopped in a few different spots for a quick hike; an old-time cowboy galloping through would not have been out of place anywhere in the park, it’s got a real…

  8. ‘74 Porsche 911 Ride Along

    The sounds this car emits are simply other-worldly. The metallic rasp folds over itself with mechanical determination, popping and crackling off throttle like an explosively flatulent school kid.

  9. Make Your GoPro Audio Suck Less

    I’ve been messing around with GoPros for a while now, and there’s one glaring issue with these rugged little pieces of technology; the audio sucks. Finally after about a year and countless wind washed-out unusable shots, I bit the bullet and got a microphone. By no means professional equipment, the…

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