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  1. How To Make A McLaren 12C Sound Better Than A Ferrari 458

    The McLaren 12C is a fantastic car, there’s no disputing this fact. It was born from years of street and race proven technology and received by the automotive community with open arms. But there was something missing. The performance within was heralded as a real milestone for the “super sports…

  2. An Evening With The McLaren 570S

    The above photo is not a photo of the 570S. Since I wasn’t allowed to take any photos of the new “base” McLaren (no matter how hard I tried to bribe every McLaren employee in attendance), I’m just going to describe it in some detail. (Full Disclosure: McLaren wanted to…

  3. The McLaren P1 Is A Gorgeous Thing

    Seeing the McLaren P1 for the first time is like seeing a naked breast for the first time. I really wanted to touch it, but knew I probably shouldn’t The good folks at Miller Motorcars opened their large glass doors to the public to show off the truly mind-boggling McLaren…

  4. Exceptional Engineering Extends to MP4 Key Fob

    I had to take it apart today to replace the battery, and found some sexy raw carbon fiber, and an exceedingly well-put-together key fob. Everything fits together so nicely. 

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