The McLaren P1 Is A Gorgeous Thing

Seeing the McLaren P1 for the first time is like seeing a naked breast for the first time. I really wanted to touch it, but knew I probably shouldn’t.

The good folks at Miller Motorcars opened their large glass doors to the public to show off the truly mind-boggling McLaren P1. Mind-boggling because it’s not just another high-horsepower, mid-engined vehicle. It’s a hybrid. And it does a thing called “torque fill”, which I love. In the words of Chris Harris, ”It’s a whole new thing”.

The white on black scheme coupled with acres of exposed carbon fiber made for a most striking color combination. Something about the light coloration brings out all of the “McLaren-Swoops” integrated within the bodywork. I showed my mother the photograph below, of the P1 rear end; she told me it was a nice abstract photograph.

I spent about 45 minutes just walking around and around this beautiful British thing. They had it on a rotating turntable when I arrived, but switched off the rotation shortly after laughing at my failed attempts to hop along with the movement, trying to snap photos.

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